How to Choose the Best California Solar Panel Company in the Bay Area

How to Choose the Best California Solar Panel Company in the Bay Area

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As California is the kind of place the sun shines all through Christmas, it is no surprise people are taking advantage of that. There are so many great reasons to switch to upgrade a home with solar panels that people are doing it in droves.

But without a certified guide, how can you receive the assurance you are getting the best deal and the most professional outfitter in your area? Who is the best solar panel company in the Bay Area, California?

Here are some solid ways to work out who the best deal in your area would be so you can make that decision before picking up the phone.

Compare the Market

With dozens of possible suppliers of solar power panels in the Bay Area, you might think there is too much choice. I mean, it is no “Starbucks” but the options are still fairly numerous. Fortunately, there are comparison websites to take a large amount of the work off of your hands.

These sites allow you to sort information by the ratings, price, the type of installation you want. You can also filter by a variety of other factors to suit your needs and find the panels you are looking for.

They should allow you to find a comprehensive list of solar panel suppliers and installers in the Bay Area. You can then spend more time delving into which one takes your fancy to help get out of the extreme heat.

Age and Wisdom

In California, sun-wrinkled skin may be a good indicator of outdoor working but remember to check the company’s history. 

In investigating the different suppliers,  keep an eye on which are the longest standing. In addition, look up how recently they started installing solar panels. 

Those with the longest standing in the community will have good contacts and a solid understanding of the industry. They will also have working habits which have kept them in business for a long time. 

If the company is brand new to installing solar panels specifically then they may still have a number of bugs to sort out in their process. For this reason, always check to see you are dealing with an experienced installations expert.

Who Is Impressed?

With the advent of Yelp, Facebook, and many other online areas, you can always check for reviews of each company. Similarly, some experts provide website testimonials letting you see feedback from real people.

These are important for helping you determine if a company really knows what they are doing. If not, you might be dealing with a group of cowboys with drills.

A Licensed Solar Panel Company in the Bay Area, California

If you do not check for appropriate licenses and you or the workers have an accident in your house, you could end up out of pocket. Always ask to see certificates of liability and workers’ insurance for any company you let onto your property.

If they cannot show you a license? Then you should be very wary before letting them install something on your roof which runs electricity to the rest of your house.

Doing so without compensation insurance suggests they may treat your roof poorly. The same way they would be treating their workers’ wellbeing.

Check Coverage

As well as during the installation, but even afterward you should make sure you have warranty coverage for anything. If something goes wrong in the first few months you do not want to end up with a malfunctioning solar panel atop your roof as a public embarrassment.

Warranties may last any amount of time after the first installation depending on the contract. They may cover anything from damage to general wear and tear as well as regular maintenance. Ask the solar panel providers in your area what they will cover and for how long. This lets you worry more about using the electricity to relax rather than have a concern about its upkeep.

Brass Tacks

The main question you likely have is how much installation costs you. When asking around, remember to include all possible costs, such as:

  • The panels themselves
  • Installation fee
  • Any “Hidden costs”
  • VAT for the Bay Area
  • How much it will cost if the installation goes on longer than expected and who bears responsibility for paying in that situation

None of these are things that should be sprung on you later. Ensure you have all the information available to you before making a decision of which installation expert to use. That way you will save money in the long-run.

How Long Are You Paying?

If you plan to buy the solar panels and pay back over a period of time, you should ensure you find a payment plan that suits you.

While no choice of repayment is inherently bad, your personal circumstances may have a drastic effect on what you can afford.

Talk to each supplier and make sure they can provide you with a repayment plan to suit your situation. Nobody wants to be caught out owing a bit more than they are comfortable paying.

Upfront Costs

Similar to the payment plan, working out what kind of up-front costs might be coming your way is a great way to plan. When shopping around, ask about up-front costs. You should ensure you are not going for more than you are bargaining for.

Once in a while, you should even see if you can negotiate with the supplier. You might be able to find a company you like that will do things at a better price if you just ask.

Do Not Forget to Ask

Finally, if you have any questions do not forget to ask. Solar power is relatively new in the field of energy so you want to make sure you can answer all these questions. Especially if your neighbors will be asking you the same questions after you get it installed.

If you want to make sure you have the best deal with a solar panel company in the Bay Area, California, check out a list of suppliers. When you do that, definitely include Home Pro Solutions. We have great deals on solar panels in the Bay Area and may be able to give you just what you need, so take a look and see what we can do for you.

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