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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

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It is important for everyone to explore ways to take care of the environment. One of the most popular methods is going solar. In addition to the environmental benefits, there are a number of financial benefits that come with going solar as well. At the same time, investing in solar energy does require an upfront cost. One of the biggest factors that people need to consider is the cost of installing solar panels. Of course, for those who are thinking about going solar, they also want to know how long their solar panels are going to last. There are a few points to keep in mind.

Exploring the Warranties Behind Solar Panels

It is important for everyone to note that the exact warranty on solar panels is going to vary from installer to installer. At the same time, most solar panel manufacturers and installers are confident in the products they produce. Therefore, they are usually willing to offer a warranty. This warranty is a reflection of how long people should expect their solar panels to last. 

In general, people should expect their solar panels to last for 25 years. As a result, most warranties on solar panels are also going to be 25 years long. At the same time, people should not simply expect that their solar panels are going to magically fall apart after 25 years. As solar technology has continued to improve, Studies have been produced analyzing how long solar panels will last. 

Scientific Studies on Solar Panels

Researchers have been exploring solar panels since they were first invented. There are numerous studies that have been produced showing that solar panels usually continue to operate at a relatively high efficiency long after the warranty has expired.

Researchers have found that solar panels are going to decrease in their efficiency by about one-half percent to one percent annually. Therefore, at the end of a 25-year warranty, most people should still expect their solar panel to operate at between 75 and 87.5 percent of their original rated output. Furthermore, there was a large study that was released showing that nearly 80 percent of solar panels are going to outlive their warranty. As a result, everyone should expect their solar panels to last for decades.

Solar Panels Are Durable and Efficient

Even though the typical warranty on solar panels is 25 years, the vast majority of solar panels are going to outlive their warranties based on the studies above. At the same time, solar panels usually also have a separate workmanship warranty. This morning tea has been put in place to cover any manufacturing defects. Some of the most common issues involve a faulty frame or junction box. Usually, the workmanship warranty is going to last for between 10 and 20 years. Again, similar to the original warranty listed above, people should not expect something to go wrong after the time. Most of the solar panels continue to outlive this morning to you as well. 

Solar Panels Provide a Solid Return on Investment

So, what does all of this information mean for those who invest in solar energy? Solar panels produce a large return on investment. Today, you can go solar with no upfront costs, no credit, and receive the tax credits while drastically reducing or eliminating your electric bill entirely. With the massive advances made in solar technology, solar panels are only going to become more efficient and durable. As a result, anyone who is thinking about staying in their home or place of business for several years should consider investing in solar energy. There are numerous environmental and financial benefits that come with an investment in solar energy.

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