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How Solar Panels are Maintained

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Solar panels are made to last for decades as long as they’re maintained over the years. Without proper care and maintenance, these panels can end up degrading earlier than expected. Keep the following in mind to ensure that your solar panels reach their life expectancy. 

Cleaning Solar Panels

Do your solar panels need regular cleaning? Overall, these panels usually don’t require any type of routine cleaning that you would need to do on your own. If they do seem dirty, you should be able to easily clean them off by spraying them with a hose. Do not use any type of cleaning product on them, since this could cause damage. You should also avoid spraying hot water on your panels when they’re cold. If you have debris on your panels, such as fallen leaves, you can remove them using a leaf blower. 

Your panels might collect dirt, dust or other debris over time, which could reduce their production levels. You can have professional maintenance and cleaning done from time to time to ensure that your panels are able to work as efficiently as possible. Having them professionally cleaned can help restore your panels to their normal production level. Depending on how dirty they get, you might want to have them cleaned once a year or a few times a year.

Weather Conditions

You shouldn’t have to worry much about adverse weather conditions affecting your solar panels. These panels contain durable glass that isn’t prone to dents or other damage from hail, heavy wind, rainstorms and other conditions. Since solar panels mainly have fixed parts rather than movable ones, they have a lower likelihood of being damaged during inclement weather.

When you live in a snowy area, do you need to keep your solar panels cleared off? In most cases, you can wait for snow to melt and drip off of your panels rather than having to find a way to clear them off yourself. It usually doesn’t take long for this to happen. However, you might need help clearing snow away if your area gets a lot of snowfall at once or if ice starts to build up. Keep in mind that panels need to be mounted at 15-degree or higher angles in order to allow melted snow to drip off. 

Potential Problems

Solar panels have a low risk of needing repairs overall, but it’s still important to watch for potential signs of problems. For example, the tracking mounts for your panels could become loose or damaged. You might also have problems with the amount of electricity your panels are producing, which could indicate that you need to have repairs done. 

Scheduling professional maintenance on your solar panels can help ensure that potential problems are found early and repaired as soon as possible, which lowers the risk of having major problems happen. During maintenance visits, you can mention any problems you’ve been having with your panels. You should also have your panels checked any time you notice changes in their production levels. 

If you need solar panel maintenance or If you have further questions about reducing your electricity bills or how you can save money with solar, the best thing you can do is explore your solar power options with a qualified professional. Contact HomePro Solutions today. We have the technical know-how and customer service expertise necessary to ensure that every solar power project is a success.

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