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How to Make Solar Panels Last Longer

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Residential solar panels generally last at least 25 years. Different weather conditions, installation techniques, and panel materials can extend or reduce their lifespan. To make the most of your investment in renewable energy, be sure to maintain the equipment and take other steps to boost its longevity.

Regular Upkeep

Panels require less maintenance than many household systems, such as furnaces, plumbing, and appliances. Nonetheless, it’s wise to periodically inspect them and repair any damage right away. Remember to fix seals that have deteriorated; this prevents rainwater from infiltrating the modules.

Solar panels will last longer and produce more electricity if you keep them clean. It’s best to clear any snow as soon as possible. Keep the surface free of leaves, sticks, droppings, and other detritus. Never spray cold water on hot panels that have been heated by sunlight; it could crack them.

Critter Problems

Rodents and birds have been known to take up residence on roofs with solar panels. If you see any animals living under or around your equipment, take steps to banish them from the area. Your efforts will protect valuable components from droppings, scratches, and gnawing teeth.

Preventing Damage

Solar modules consist of highly durable materials that often withstand extreme weather. Still, they could get damaged by falling bricks, a tree limb, or large hail. Don’t forget to trim any branches near your equipment. Hire a professional if you lack the necessary tools or trimming abilities.

Before you obtain a new solar energy system or add more panels, someone should thoroughly inspect the roofing materials and any chimneys. It’s safer and less difficult to repair them first. You’ll need to temporarily remove panels if you replace the roof before they wear out. Only store them in a safe, secure location.

Consider putting protective covers on your panels before repairing the roof or chimney. You could also use them to safeguard your equipment when forecasters predict severe weather. Some covers completely block sunlight until you remove them; others only decrease the amount of light that reaches the surface.

If the local area frequently experiences thunderstorms or your home’s location makes it especially vulnerable to lightning, think about installing lightning rods. They can channel a thunderbolt’s energy into the ground, reducing the risk that lightning will destroy your panels or other rooftop equipment.

Solar Inverters

Your system’s inverter might not last as long as the panels. This component tends to need replacement after 10 to 15 years. You can help the inverter last longer by keeping it clean, ensuring it has adequate ventilation, and protecting it from extreme heat (such as direct sunlight). Proper installation holds great importance.

These actions will increase the likelihood that your system performs well for many years to come. If you need to replace, repair or upgrade equipment, be sure to select a well-qualified solar contractor. You can rely on our experienced staff to maximize the longevity of every system we install or service. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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