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How to Reduce Energy Bills in California with A Solar Panel System

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I couldn’t believe how fast my system got installed and turned on by PG&E.  I’m saving over $200 a month now that I’ve gone solar. Thanks Tim for helping me out.
~ Chris Tesene, Brentwood, CA

How to Reduce Energy Bills in California with A Solar Panel System
how to reduce energy bills

Spending more time at home has made it clear that we spend a lot on our utility bills. Heating, cooling, and electricity are all eating up our bank accounts and there’s a lot of variance in the final charge month to month. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it! 

Solar panels can reduce your energy bills while giving back to the environment. Instead of being reliant on fossil fuels, which are toxic to our planet, you can take ownership of your bills and carbon footprint! 

We’ll walk you through what solar panels are, why you should get them, and how to reduce energy bills with clean, green energy. Let’s get to it!

What Are Solar Panels?

There are many benefits of solar panels. Essentially, solar panels are large panes that attach to your roof in the perfect spot to absorb sunlight into photovoltaic cells. The panels then convert that direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is useable for the home. 

Extra electricity generated by your solar panels can be sold back to the grid for other homes to use. Solar power is one of the best renewable energies in the world and the Environmental Protection Agency is one of the agencies pushing for more renewable energy to be used in the United States by creating incentives and funding opportunities. 

Your solar panels can also replace your hot water heater and those associated costs! In solar water heating, you can create hot water for showers, dishes, and more all without the expensive hot water bill. 

Traditionally, your electricity comes from fossil fuels that are extracted from the planet and burned, releasing an unhealthy amount of emissions into the environment. Those emissions warm the planet and contribute to climate change, which threatens our clean air, water, food, and other crucial resources for survival. 

Taking the plunge on solar for your home is the best way to make an immediate impact on the planet while increasing the value of your home and reducing energy bills. Still, have some questions? Still looking up “how to reduce energy bill” and not getting great answers? Solar could be right for you. 

How Do I Do Solar Panel Installation? 

We firmly believe that hiring a professional is the safest and most effective way to get solar panels on your house quickly. If you find yourself searching for “solar installers near me”, look no further! We’re one of the best solar companies in California and we can make your solar experience unforgettable. 

First, our professional team will survey your home to find the best spot for the panels. California has a higher average of sunlight hours per day, so we can guarantee we’ll get a good spot for the panels to be the most productive. 

Fun fact: Solar panels do generate electricity even on cloudy days, just not as much as on sunny days!

Then, we simply install racking for the panels, secure the panels to the racks, and set up a solar inverter to do all the work. Easy peasy! 

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? 

You might be surprised to learn that solar panels are very affordable. The market has changed dramatically to make each panel much cheaper than even just a decade ago.

Many states also have incentives for clean energy, like these California solar incentives. If you qualify for a solar loan, you can even put $0 down and payout your solar panels over a period of time. 

Your new solar array has a lifespan of around 25 years. That’s 25 years you won’t need to pay a single electric bill unless your panels aren’t producing enough electricity.

Solar panels are actually a really wise investment because you earn back what you spent in around 5 years. Not bad, right? Think about all those years of free electricity! 

How To Reduce Energy Bills With Solar Panels 

You can use this calculator to estimate how much money your home could save with solar panels. On average, you can save between $44 and $187 per month by installing solar. Not to mention, you’ll be “off the grid” and not subject to any crazy increase in electricity pricing. 

However, you’ll be connected to the grid so you can sell back to it and also take from it, should you need to. That also means that during a blackout, your electricity will be down too. 

In a way, solar panels are almost like insurance that you’ll have clean, efficient, electricity for your home for years to come. 

Specifically in California, you can expect to save between $44,728 and $60,515 in a 20 year period. That’s college tuition, a new boat, or that inground pool you’ve been dreaming of! 

Once your home is running on solar, you should still be conservative in your electricity usage just to maximize how much electricity you can send back to the grid. But you can take comfort in knowing that every time you flip a switch, it’s clean energy that isn’t polluting our planet for the future generations. 

How to reduce energy bills? Make the Switch to Solar

It’s much easier than you might think to get solar panels for your home. Now that you know exactly how to reduce energy bills with solar, spread the news! We serve 20 counties in California, from Sacramento, Orange, and Napa to Los Angeles and San Diego. If you need solar in the Bay Area, we’ve got you covered. 

Now that you know how to reduce energy bills, we’d love to be the people you need to get solar on your roof, so get a free quote here

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