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How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in California?

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The rapid growth in the domestication of solar power in California is unparalleled. Since the introduction of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roof Initiative in 2006, California has become the national leader in household clean energy use.

California has been able to incentivize many of its citizens to switch to solar energy as their primary source of household energy through statewide solar panel installation initiatives and low installation price points.

The private and public sectors in California have poured millions of dollars into increasing solar. This research has been designed to improve the accessibility of household solar energy systems.

The state has been able to work with governmental partners to ensure affordable solar power. Financing your solar panel installation should not inhibit you from switching to clean energy.

Is clean energy for you? Find out more about what it is, how it works, and more by reading below.

What Is Domesticated Solar Energy? 

Solar energy systems convert sunlight energy into usable electric power. This energy conversion is through photovoltaic panels and a rack system.

The solar system angles these panels for premium sunlight access. Solar system installation can be done anywhere that has a strong sun potential and surface area.

Cost-Effective Path to Promote Domestic Solar Energy 

The Million Solar Roof’s Initiative created a competitive market for solar energy. California developed state-wide incentive programs to reduce the cost of solar power installation. The state of California was able to minimize the financial barrier for switching to solar.

The California government made clean energy a priority through many state-wide initiatives. California has been able to reduce the state’s carbon footprint by advancing clean energy. These initiatives have been able to normalize the domestication of solar energy.

Save by Going Solar 

Solar energy is a limitless source of energy. The use of domestic solar systems allows residential areas to make a long-term investment in power sources. Many users are hesitant to switch to solar due to the initial cost of solar panel installation. 

When making an investment in a solar system consider the return on investment. Adding a solar system to your home can increase your property value and reduce your utility bill. Depending on how much solar potential your home has you can minimize or eliminate your electric bill. 

Switching to solar can be a cost-effective investment. Going solar allows you to store excess energy, protect yourself from rising energy costs in a low maintenance way. 

Store Your Solar Energy

People who contemplate switching to solar worry about an over-dependency on the weather. Solar energy storage batteries let users stockpile energy from optimal weather conditions. 

Solar batteries can be used to store solar energy collected by your solar system. Solar batteries have energy conversation capabilities that allow extra energy to be gathered. Solar batteries allow for long-term energy storage, that can be later used or sold for profit. 

Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Costs 

It can be incredibly frustrating to see your monthly utility bill go up each month. This fluctuation in energy costs is directly tied to the cost of oil per barrel. In order to be untethered from these costs and take control over the cost of your utility bill, you can install solar panels. 

Low Maintenance Costs

Following your initial investment in solar panel installation, there are very minimal costs associated with long-term maintenance.

Solar systems ensure routine cleaning every few months and very rarely require repair work. Domestic solar systems are stationary additions to your home and experience very low amounts of wear and tear. 

Solar Incentives in California 

California uses many incentive programs and marketing tactics to promote the use of solar energy. California offers many tax credit and financial incentive programs that make adding solar panels more financially attainable. These programs help to lower the cost of installing solar panels. 

Determine Your Budget for Going Solar

California is the leader in domestic solar energy across the United States. There are over 230,000 homes across the state that generate solar energy. This communal shift to solar has made budgeting for a solar system a regular practice. 

Research Your Annual Electricity Needs

The amount of energy you produce depends on your financial benefit that your solar potential and electricity needs. When making the switch to solar you need to determine your annual electrical use. Once you have isolated your annual energy usage you can determine how beneficial investing in solar can be. 

By compiling your utility bills for the past year you can add up the monthly electricity over the past year. You are looking to find the sum of kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. 

Energy usage is measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh. The average American household uses approximately 10,500 kWh every year. 

Find Your Home’s Solar Potential 

The amount of solar potential your home has is dependent on the amount of direct sunlight accessible. You can map your home’s sun potential for solar energy. Approximately 100sq. ft of a sun-exposed roof is necessary to fund every kWh of direct sunlight. 

You can determine a home’s solar potential with a sunroof mapping tool. You will want to use this tool to measure the usable solar energy that can be added to your roof. Factoring in the surface area and amount of direct sunlight can show you the impact that adding solar panels could have on your energy consumption. 

Shop for Solar Panel Installation 

When shopping for a solar system, look at different price options. Look into the different financial benefits of installing a home solar system. 

The installation cost of a residential solar system that produces between 3kW and 8kW can cost between $9,000 and $24,00 dollars. This variance in cost makes it necessary to shop around for the best bid on installing your solar system. 

The prices for installing a residential solar system continue to gradually fall. It is important to be educated when financing a system for your home’s solar needs. 

Switch to Solar Energy 

California remains the national leader in corporate and residential solar panel installations.

This makes switching to solar simple. Contact us to take the next steps in making your home solar powered. 

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