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Thinking About Installing Solar Panels on Your Home? Here Are a Few Considerations

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I couldn’t believe how fast my system got installed and turned on by PG&E.  I’m saving over $200 a month now that I’ve gone solar. Thanks Tim for helping me out.
~ Chris Tesene, Brentwood, CA

Thinking About Installing Solar Panels on Your Home? Here Are a Few Considerations 1

Solar panels can lead to considerable cost savings, as well as significant energy savings for your home. Is this the right time for you to get these panels? If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to solar energy, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration first. Keep the following in mind while you decide if and when to have one of these systems installed. 

Solar Panel Upfront Costs

Solar panels vary in terms of how much you’ll have to pay upfront to have them installed. While you might be tempted to hold off on this purchase for your home, you should be aware that you can expect to recover this expense in the long run. Investing in these panels for your home now means that you’ll start saving on the cost of energy right away. Over time, these cost savings add up, which helps make up for the cost of having solar panels installed. 

Solar Panel Rebates, Tax Credits and Utility Company Incentives

You might not have to pay as much to have solar panels installed if you’re eligible for tax credits, rebates or incentives from your local utility company. These financial incentives provide a way for you to get back some of the money you spend on having these panels installed or save money on the total cost. You should keep in mind that the amounts and availability of these incentives can change from year to year. Having solar panels installed now or in the near future means you won’t miss out on your chance to use tax credits, rebates or local utility incentives that could expire at a later time. 

Solar Panel Electricity Costs

The cost of electricity for your home typically rises every year. When you invest in solar panels instead of depending on your local electric company, you won’t have to deal with these increases from time to time. Relying on solar energy helps you save money overall on your electric bills while also keeping your energy costs low over time. Switching to solar energy means you can start enjoying the benefits of having lower energy bills, which can add up to thousands of dollars in savings during the lifespan of your solar panels.

Solar Panel Financing Options

Financing options can help you out if you’re thinking of getting solar panels and don’t have enough for upfront costs right now. Power purchase agreements and leases, for example, give you a way to make payments on these panels over time instead of having to pay for all of it upfront. Having this kind of payment option available helps ensure that you’re able to get solar panels installed at your home now rather than putting it off for a later time. With financing, you can start saving money on your home’s energy costs.

If you have further questions about installing solar panels on your home or business or how you can save money with solar, the best thing you can do is explore your solar power options with a qualified professional. Contact HomePro Solutions today. We have the technical know-how and customer service expertise necessary to ensure that every solar power project is a success.

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